Welcome comrades to project Ру́сский-Радуга-ум-машина for use Google Cloud Translate API to translate rainbow-mind-machine twitter bot flock framework documentation from English to Russian. for 🇷🇺 with ❤️. За Ру́сск https://pages.charlesreid1.com/russian-rainbow-mind-machine
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russian rainbow mind machine

This repository translates rainbow mind machine documentation into Russian by applying the magic of Google Cloud Translate API with a pandoc filter.

For documentation about the translation process, see the translate-yer-docs repository:

For the Russian rainbow mind machine documentation:

This repository contains the following files:

  • rmm is rainbow mind machine (git submodule)
  • filters contains the panflute filter used to translate docs to Russian
  • ruskie_docs contains the translated documentation
  • mkdocs-material and mkdocs.yml are used to make the documentation with mkdocs
  • translate iterates over each English markdown document in rmm and calls pandoc to translate it
  • test_google_translate_credentials translates “Hello world” to make sure your API calls are authenticated OK