Materials for the Flask ILLO @ DIB Lab, October 15, 2018.
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What is flaskadillo?

This repo has a couple of folders that demonstrate some of Flask’s capabilities.

The ILLO will cover:

  • Simple “Hello World” Flask server with different routes
  • Simple Flask API server (sending/receiving JSON)
  • Simple Flask Jinja templates
  • Simple Flask tests

Repository contents

Part 1: hello

hello - hello world flask server

Part 2: api

api - a simple API server

Part 3: jinja

jinja - a simple Flask server that makes use of Jinja templates

Part 4: package

package - a simple demonstration of how to package flask apps

Part 5: tests

tests - a simple demonstration of how to write Flask tests

Why flaskadillo?

Because armadillo.

The word armadillo means “little armoured one” in Spanish.

Armadillos are related to anteaters and sloths (all are in the Xenartha superorder).

The Aztecs called them turtle-rabbits.