Notes for a book on git.
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Drafts and notes for my git book.

See the TODO file

Level 0: Book Level: The Book Concept

One document covering:

  • High-level book concept and description of book
  • Description of target audience
  • Why this book is being written and what it is trying to accomplish

The Book Concept - link

Level 1: Book Level: The Chapter Briefings

One document covering:

  • Each chapter title
  • Two or three sentence description of the chapter
  • What commands the chapter covers

Chapter Briefings - link

Level 2: Book Level: The Section Briefings

One document covering:

  • Each chapter's section titles
  • Two or three sentences on the section contents
  • Key visual concepts/visual analogies

Section Briefings - link

Level 3: Chapter Level: The Detailed Outline

One document for each chapter containing:

  • Detailed outline of the chapter
  • Section titles, subsection titles
  • Figures, commands, and sequences
  • Summaries of subsections

Level 4: Chapter Level: The Chapter Drafts

One document for each section. Contains the actual written contents of the section.