Protect private pages hosted on Heroku by authenticating with Github using Flask-Dance. Also, attack rabbits.
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site_name: github-heroku-attack-rabbits
repo_name: charlesreid1/github-heroku-attack-rabbits
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- 'Index' : ''
- 'Get Started with Heroku': ''
- 'Get Started with Github': ''
- 'Initialize Repository: Branches': ''
- 'Create a Flask App using Flask-Dance': ''
- 'Flask':
- 'Authenticate users based on Github membership only': ''
- 'Authenticate users based on organization or team membership': ''
- 'Authenticate users based on some other criteria': ''
- 'Protection portions of the site': ''
- 'Test Flask App Locally': ''
- 'Deploying Flask App to Heroku': ''
- 'Custom Domains': ''
copyright: 'Copyright &copy; 2018 Charles Reid, released under the <a href="">WTFPL</a>.<br /><br />Many Bothans died to bring us this documentation.<br /><br />'
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# pretty colors! see
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### # fun logos! see
### logo:
### icon: 'lock'
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