How do I use pelican to set up a static site?
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Theming your Pelican site

Custom themes are where Pelican becomes really powerful.

For this tutorial, though, we'll stick to the basics.

See pelican-themes on Github for a full list of themes.

See for a gallery of themes.

simple-bootstrap theme

For this example, we'll use the simple-bootstrap, a simple Bootstrap theme.

To use the simple-bootstrap theme, we have to install it. Start by checking out the pelican-themes repo:

$ git clone --recursive 

$ cd pelican-themes

$ pelican-themes -i simple-bootstrap

If you modify or update the theme, you can use the -U flag (for Update) with pelican-themes:

$ pelican-themes -U simple-bootstrap

Now you can set the gum theme in your by setting the THEME variable: