How do I use pelican to set up a static site?
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Theming your Pelican site

Custom themes are where Pelican becomes really powerful.

For this tutorial, though, we'll stick to the basics.

See pelican-themes on Github for a full list of themes.

See for a gallery of themes.

gum theme

For this example, we'll use gum, a simple Bootstrap theme.

The theme's README (linked to above) tells us what settings to include in our

In this case, we'll leave most of these blank so they don't show up in the final page:



To use the gum theme, we have to install it. Start by checking out the pelican-themes repo:

$ git clone --recursive 

$ cd pelican-themes

$ pelican-themes -i gum

If you modify or update the theme, you can use the -U flag (for Update) with pelican-themes:

$ pelican-themes -U gum

Now you can set the gum theme in your by setting the THEME variable: