How do I use pelican to set up a static site?
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How Do I Pelican?

This is a simple explanation of how to get started
using Pelican to build a static site.
It will skip a lot of the details in the
interest of simplicity.

Before You Start

You’ll need to have Pelican installed.
If you want to use Markdown with Pelican,
you’ll also need to install Markdown.

$ pip install markdown 
$ pip install pelican

Getting Started with Pelican

There are a few things you’ll need to get started with Pelican:

  • (required) - pelican configuration file
  • (required) content/ - directory containing materials to render into a static site
  • (optional) theme - either a local directory containing a theme, or a system-wide pelican theme

Use the magic-flying-pelican
repository as a seed repo for getting started with Pelican.