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update tries with working print method, and some other fixed-up recursive calls

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#!/usr/bin/env python
from get_words import get_words
import sys
import math


Donald Knuth, Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4 Fascicle 0
Exercise #35

What letters of the alphabet can be used
as the starting letter of sixteen words that
form a complete binary trie within
WORDS(n), given n?

The bubble up method is not working,
because we are not trimming subtrees
the way we're supposed to.

Children is not being reset correctly.

Modify print method to print
prefixes and counts for EVERY level.

Example trie:

Left side:
e o
e l r w

Right side:

a e
l r a e


ALPHABET = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
FIVE = 5

class Node(object):
def __init__(self, letter, count=0):
self.letter = letter
self.count = count
self.children = []
self.parent = None

class TryTrieTree(object):
def __init__(self,words):
self.root = None
self.words = words

def __str__(self):
final = ""
depth = 1
runner = self.root

def _str_recursive(runner,depth):
# In order traversal:
# visit this node first,
# then visit children if any
s = ""
s += ">"*depth
s += " "
if depth==4:
s += self.get_prefix_from_node(runner)
s += runner.letter
if depth==4:
s += ": %d"%(runner.count)
s += "\n"

# Base case
if runner.children == []:
# leaf node
return s

# Recursive case
for child in runner.children:
s += _str_recursive(child,depth+1)
return s

final = _str_recursive(runner,depth)
return final

def set_root(self,root_letter):
self.root = Node(root_letter)

def get_prefix_from_node(self,node):
if node==None:
return ""
elif node==self.root:
return ""
#prefix = node.letter
prefix = ""
while node.parent != None:
node = node.parent
prefix = node.letter + prefix
return prefix

def get_node_from_prefix(self,prefix):
"""Given a string prefix,
return the node that represents
the tail end of that sequence
of letters in this trie. Return
None if the path does not exist.
assert self.root!=None

if prefix=='':
return None

assert prefix[0]==self.root.letter

# Base case
if len(prefix)==1:
return self.root

# Recursive case
parent_prefix, suffix = prefix[:len(prefix)-1],prefix[len(prefix)-1]
parent = self.get_node_from_prefix(parent_prefix)
for child in parent.children:
if child.letter == suffix:
return child

# Note: how can we be sure this will end?
# prefix is continually whittle down
# by 1 each time.

def assemble(self):
"""Assemble the trie from the set of words
passed to the constructor.
assert self.root!=None

words = self.words

# start with an empty prefix
prefix = ''
candidate = self.root.letter

def _assemble(self,prefix,candidate,words):
"""Recursive private method called by assemble().
prefix_depth = len(prefix)
candidate_depth = prefix_depth+1

ppc = prefix+candidate
words_with_candidate = [w for w in words if w[:candidate_depth]==ppc]

min_branches_req = int(math.pow(2,5-candidate_depth))
max_number_branches = len(words_with_candidate)

# If we exceed the minimum number of
# branches required, add candidate
# as a new node on the trie.
if max_number_branches >= min_branches_req:

parent = self.get_node_from_prefix(prefix)
# If we are looking at the root node,
if prefix=='':
# parent will be None.
# In this case don't worry about
# creating new child or introducing
# parent and child, b/c the "new child"
# is the root (already exists).

# Otherwise, create the new child,
# and introduce the parent & child.
new_child = Node(candidate)
new_child.parent = parent

# Base case
if candidate_depth==4:
new_child.count = max_number_branches

# Recursive case
for new_candidate in ALPHABET:
new_prefix = prefix + candidate

# otherwise, we don't have enough
# branches to continue downward,
# so stop here and do nothing.

def bubble_up(self):
"""Do a depth-first traversal of the
entire trytrietree, pruning as we go.
This is a pre-order traversal,
meaning we traverse children first,
then the parents, so we always
know the counts of children
(or we are on a leaf node).

The visit function is as follows:
- if leaf node, get 4-letter prefix.
- count = number of words with that prefix
- if interior node,
- self.children = [child for child in children if child.count >= 2]

def _bubble_up(self,node):
if len(node.children)==0:
# Base case
# Leaf nodes already have counts
# Do nothing

# Recursive case
# Pre-order traversal: visit/bubble up children first
for child in node.children:

# Now that we've completed leaf node counts, we can do interior node counts.
# Interior node counts are equal to number of large (>=2) children.
large_children = [child for child in node.children if child.count >= 2]
self.children = large_children
self.count = len(self.children)

def trie_search(n):

words = get_words()
words = words[:n]

perfect_count = 0
imperfect_count = 0
for letter in ['s']: #ALPHABET:

tree = TryTrieTree(words)

#if tree.root.count>0:
# print("The letter {0:s} has a perfect binary trie in WORDS({1:d}).".format(
# letter, n))
# perfect_count += 1
# print("The letter {0:s} has no perfect binary trie in WORDS({1:d}).".format(
# letter, n))
# imperfect_count += 1

#print("Perfect count: {:d}".format(perfect_count))
#print("Imperfect count: {:d}".format(imperfect_count))

if __name__=="__main__":
if len(sys.argv)<2:
n = 5757
n = int(sys.argv[1])
if n > 5757:
n = 5757