Ansible playbooks for infrastructure.
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Ansible playbooks for infrastructure.

Table of Contents

Docker Pods

These docker pods are collections of related
services. The Ansible playbooks prepare remote nodes so they
are ready to run these docker pods.

Pod Link


There is one playbook per docker pod, plus a base playbook
and a provision playbook.

Playbook Description
podcharlesreid1.yml Playbook to install and run the docker pod (
bots.yml Playbook to install and run the apollo, ginsberg, and milton bot flocks. See
base.yml Base playbook run by all of the pod playbooks above.
provision.yml Playbook to provision new Ubuntu machines with /usr/bin/python.


Playbook Roles

The following roles carry out groups of tasks for setting up the base machine
to run infrastructure.

Base roles:

Role Name Description
init-root Prepare root user account
init-nonroot Prepare nonroot user account(s)
dotfiles Install and configure dotfiles for nonroot user
install-stuff Install stuff with aptitude
letsencrypt Install letsencrypt
postfix Install postfix mail server
pyenv Install pyenv for nonroot user
goenv Install goenv for nonroot user
sshkeys Set up ssh keys for all users
vim Set up vim for nonroot user

Machine-specific roles:

Role Name Description
bots Install and run the apollo, ginsberg, and milton bot flocks. See
pod-charlesreid1 Install the pod
uptime Install the uptime bot (

Getting Started with Playbooks

Documentation Page Description
docs/ Documentation index
docs/ Quick start for the impatient (uses Vagrant)
docs/ Guide for running playbooks on Digital Ocean
docs/ Guide for running playbooks on Vagrant

See docs/ for a list of all
playbooks in this directory and how to run them, as well as a list
of all tags.