A Pelican theme for the Asmodeus project https://github.com/charlesreid1/asmodeus
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Atom Hammer Theme for Pelican

Atom Hammer is a Pelican theme for the Asmodeus project.

Asmodeus is a bot that maintains a GitHub blog.

The name "atom hammer" was inspired by the name generators at Seventh Sanctum.


To install:

git clone http://gitub.com/charlesreid1/atom-hammer-theme

pelican-themes -i atom-hammer-theme

To re-install the atom-hammer-theme, in case you make changes to it, you can run:

pelican-themes -U atom-hammer-theme


Atom Hammer is a clean, simple blog page. There is no nav bar. There is only a simple "hero" header shared across all pages. The hero header has a link to the home page, a link to the author page, and a link to the Github project.

The home page (the main index) displays all blog posts. Each post is put into a little gray box. It also lists the title of each blog post on the right, which is a "blog archive" minipage. The background is plain black - no image.

The author page shows some information about me, the author.

In the configuration file there are only two things that you set - the hero title and the hero subtitle.

HERO_TITLE = "Asmodeus"
HERO_SUBTITLE = "Attempting demonic possession of my Github account. What could possibly go wrong?"