A toolset for using and extending Cantera in Python.
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Pantera: A Toolbox for Cantera in Python

Pantera is a toolbox for using and extending Cantera 2.1 (link to latest Cantera tarball on Sourceforge) with Python: http://charlesreid1.github.io/pantera

Pantera is beta software. Pantera is not a finished product!

What is Cantera?

Cantera is an object-oriented toolkit for chemical kinetics.

It handles all sorts of thermochemistry stuff - everything from physical properties to reaction rates to reactors and ordinary differential equation integrators.

Link: Cantera on Google Code

Link: Cantera Information on the CMR Wiki

What is Pantera?

Pantera (yes, like the metal band) is a set of programmer tools for people using Cantera in Python.

Cantera is an extremely useful library. This Python module will make it even more useful, by providing some functionality commonly used in engineering calculations, and by giving you ideas about how you can extend Cantera for your own uses.

Installing Pantera

Pantera has a couple of dependencies. Once these are installed, you can do the usual setup.py thing to install Pantera.


In order to use Pantera, you will, at the very least, need to install Cantera. There are other features of Pantera that require other libraries. Their dependencies are optional.


  • Cantera
  • JSON


  • Matplotlib
  • itertools


You can install Pantera by using setup.py:

python setup.py install

then import pantera like any other library:

import pantera as pt

What's in the Pantera Library?

Pantera Core

The core of the Pantera library is the source code in the pantera directory. This is divided into various sub-modules.

You can explore the various submodules of Pantera at the Pantera core source code README.md file


The Pantera library uses nose as the unit testing framework. The tests directory contains nose tests that cover various parts of the Pantera library.

Getting Started

You can import the pantera library into Python like this:

import pantera as pt

Once that import statement is working, you can explore the various submodules of Pantera at the Pantera core source code README.md file