Docker files for running gitea
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This is the gitea docker container used to run gitea on

You should not run this container by itself (see pod-charlesreid1).

See the documentation here:


Organize the documentation better, there's a lot going on

  • Setup
  • Repo organization
  • Jinja/ansible
  • Gitea files
  • New instance
  • Restoring instance
  • Backing up instance

Quick Start

Before you begin

Check docker-compose.yml and ensure the bind mounting of folders is set up to match what you want. Currently:

  • d-gitea/custom/ directory maps to /data/gitea in the container
  • d-gitea/data/ directory maps to /app/gitea/data

To change this, modify the docker-compose.yml file in this repo or the docker-compose.yml.j2 file in the pod-charlesreid1 repo.

Create app.ini

The app.ini file is not stored directly in this repo, only a template file app.ini.j2 is stored. You need to create an app.ini file from the template before beginning.

To create an app.ini file from the template, populate the secret files at:

  • internal_token.secret
  • secret_key.secret

Then run the script:


This will create an app.ini file from the template at custom/conf/app.ini.j2, and will put the new file in custom/conf/app.ini.


Start the container with docker-compose up if running standalone, or by starting the docker pod if running in a pod.

documentation: d-gitea container

source code on docker/d-gitea

source code on charlesreid1-docker/d-gitea (you are here)

gitea documentation - running gitea with docker