Files for creating a Jupyter notebook docker container.
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Jupyter Notebook Docker Container

This repo contains scripts for building Docker containers that run Jupyter notebooks.

Jupyter + Mongo


The Dockerfile uses aptitude to install the following components:

  • Python
  • Pip
  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • iPython
  • Pandas
  • Sympy

Note that we need to install the python-scipy version of Scipy because running pip install scipy causes this machine to run out of memory.

The script then uses pip to install the following:

  • Pymongo


To build the container, use the script. This script does not require any configuration.

$ ./


To run the container, use the script. This script links the Jupyter container to the Mongo container, and must be configured to point to the correct name of the MongoDB container.

The container exposes port 8888 to the outside world. Because it is linked to the MongoDB container, port 27017 (MongoDB) is also accessible from the Jupyter notebook.

$ ./