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  Charles Reid b45fda3052
Merge pull request #1 from charlesreid1/try-trie-tree 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 008e1daec5 switch function 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 6a08f95ebc add method to compute number of words versus number of perfect tries table 10 months ago
  Charles Reid f01bab717e fixed tries.py 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 05a8830cec update readme and descriptions 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 0ea5f3753f update tries with working print method, and some other fixed-up recursive calls 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 826df3a942 print more info 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 2305797fd2 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:charlesreid1/five-letter-words 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 56a4d4dc6d update diff_by_ scripts and descriptions in readme 10 months ago
  Charles Reid ca0b27cc91 removing the broken diff by one 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 1b31bc40a2 fixing diff by one 10 months ago
  Charles Reid 907676dd82 clarify palindrome checks 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 6f3da0a366 updating final print statement in both letter coverages 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 37374194f0 renaming letter coverages so default is no output, debug is with output 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 51c7e429ae reconciling letter coverage 2 years ago
  Charles Reid b9616eeb28 Merge branch 'master' of https://charlesreid1.com:3000/cs/five-letter-words 2 years ago
  Charles Reid b7a142e7f7 removing tiny kitten that squeaks when you get to a certain point in the code 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 9cda786cf8 fixing letter coverage to fix a snafu. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid d2ad99bfb6 Add near palindrome output, and fix palindrome pairs to exclude palindromes 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 4bca143ae8 adding a near-palindrome checker. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid cff7a9e1a6 update comment in palindrome.py 2 years ago
  Charles Reid ef62283c91 update readme with new scripts. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 4dd57760fa Make distinct.py more efficient: one loop over words. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid d07e0621f7 Don't need pretty print. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 7db3fb9890 Update distinct script to print out some examples. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 5ea6a87e46 fix comments. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 41342dd02b updating lexico and reverse lexico script to print ALL lexico and reverse lexico words 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 7cb10c1f2c updating comment block 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 563a8799b0 updating diff-by-one script comment 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 3963e6a40a updating diff by n to print, for n equals 2 through 2 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 700c6e8057 adding output from lexico and reverse lexico 2 years ago
  Charles Reid b042890420 make diff by one code match what is in github blog post. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 26b5f9394d reverse order of printed distances 2 years ago
  Charles Reid b0cb967549 adding a diff-by-n variation on the diff-by-one program 2 years ago
  Charles Reid a69eb56e0a updating readme with more sections, describing each script. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 58c7eafc76 moving word converage to letter coverage. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 6b7270b97d Adding working dynamic program to compute word coverage. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid c902691810 remove particular bigrams 2 years ago
  Charles Reid a8a64d385c adding output from various scripts. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 53a74fc21e adding check for leicographically sorted words. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 08eb1b15a6 adding palindrome and palindrome pair checker 2 years ago
  Charles Reid b16c360103 adding get words function. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 8e3af32e64 adding a script to look for words with euclidean distance of 1. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 96c7372ab3 distinct script now uses get_words function. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 7460c21d0b stats now uses external get_words function. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid a092a8363d moving euclidean dist to euclidean distance. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid ab88068dc4 compute number of 5-letter words with k distinct letters. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 587a24094c adding memo to gitignore. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 279cf1b145 moving everything in stats.py to a main method. 2 years ago
  Charles Reid 78cd32d95c stats.py now prints letter/bigram frequencies in sorted order. 2 years ago